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Notice on the Award Statistic of the 2019 Graduate Discipline Competition


Now the award statistic of the 2019 Graduate Discipline Competition is carried out to encourage graduate students actively participate in high-level discipline competitions, stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of graduate students, cultivate graduate students' innovative thinking, practical ability and cooperative ability, create an innovative and practical atmosphere for graduate students, and generate an insight to graduate students’ participation in the discipline competition. This statistical data also serves as the application materials for the evaluation of the annual graduate competition, as well as the basis for the subsequent related evaluation and submission of data.


The datas are collected through the graduate student achievement collection system ( The validate date for this statistic is from November 6, 2018 to December 8, 2019. Those who have won the award but have not yet received the award certificate can participate in this statistic. The award certificate could temporarily replaced by other certifiable materials, but the certificate materials should be completed before December 25, 2019. Awards beyond the above date will not be included in this year's award application, but can also be filled in the system, and the filled content is valid for the long term of the graduate student.


All schools please notice and organize graduate students to fill in the information. Students fill in the awards in the graduate student achievement collection system, and the applicant, also the award applicant, should be the leading graduate students in the team or it could be other designated team members. After filling in the information and uploading the “Beijing Institute of Technology Graduate Discipline Competition Award Introduction” and related pictures and other attachments, the “Beijing Institute of Technology Graduate Discipline Competition Award Application” will be generated by the system. After printing the application form, it should be signed by the applicant and the instructor of the team (if there is no instructor, signed by the applicant's supervisor), and a copy of the award certificate (the original  one should be verified by the school) or other certification materials should be submitted to the school, and then uniformly submit to the graduate school.




The winning team should prepare the relevant materials before December 10.


Students should fill in the relevant information in the graduate results collection system from December 11 to December 13.


The school should submit the paper materials to the window no. 8 in the Teacher Service Centre in Graduate School Building before leaving the office on December 17.


Contact: Ms.Yuan, 68918512


Graduate School

December 6, 2019