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Browser Setting Instructions on Logging in Graduate Management System

Since many supervisors and graduate students reported that there were prompts like “Password Error”, “Incorrect Page” or any other problems (e.g. the button “Input Defense Information” cannot be displayed or drop-down list is incorrect) when using the graduate management system, solutions are as follows.


It is necessary to use browsers with IE browser kernel of the Windows system to log in the graduate management system. The browser should be set as compatibility view (or compatibility mode) usually through the button on the right side of address bar. Browsers with Webkit browser kernel such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari do not work.


The settings of several common browsers are as follows:


360 browser, QQ browser (recommended):

IE 8:

IE 10:

Press “F12” to react “Developer Tools” and then click “Compatibility View(C)” if there is no such a button in IE 10’s address bar, as shown below:


IE 11:

Click “Compatibility View Settings (B)” from Menu.

And then add “”.


If browser kernel fails to switch automatically so that there are still problems in the web page of the system after the compatibility mode is set in the new version of 360 browser, manual switching is required, as shown below:


Click the top right Menu —> Option Settings —> Advanced Settings —> Kernel Switching Settings, and set the kernel mode of “” as IE 7.