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Notice on Course Selection for Spring Semester 2020

International graduate students,

Course selection for the spring semester in 2020 has 3 stages. Students should consult your supervisor or school-coordinator before the course selection.


Course Selection for International Students

Stage 1: Course Selection based on the personal Education Plan

Time: 10:00 8th Jan. to 10:00 10th Jan.


You can check the courses that have been successfully selected after 16:00 Jan.10 from the menu, “Student’s Courses” (学生课表)from Graduate Management System.



1. You can successfully select the course when the class volume doesn’t reach its maximum. Otherwise, the final name list of the course would be decided by drawing lots on the system after 10:00 Jan.10.

2. Full-time students can not select the courses that are offered to part-time students and vice versa.


Stage 2: Reselect and Cancel courses

Time: 10:00 14th Jan. to 10:00 16th Jan.



1. In this stage, you can select the courses that hasn’t meet the maximal volume.

2. As for the course that meet maximal volume: students who selected these courses during the first stage, need to draw lots on the system and get a random serial number. If someone who selected this course successfully and canceled this course during the second stage, the waiting students will automatically be taken in according to the number sequence. If you quit the drawing lots during this stage, you will not be considered even if this course has extra seats.


Stage 3: Cancel Course Selection

Time: 10:00 25th Feb. - 10:00 2nd March. (first week of spring semester)



Students can cancel the selected courses and re-select other courses during the first week of the spring semester. Make sure to double check your selecting result to avoid any potential mistakes. You cannot select the courses which have no extra seats. For the courses that don’t meet the maximal volume, the earlier you select, the more likely you can select the course successfully.


The course selection process of international graduate students should be guided by the Programs for International Graduates (2019)


Taking courses is an important part of the graduate study, so please make sure that your course selection is conducted under your supervisor’s advice and fulfill the requirements of your training plan.