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Innovation Competition| The "Teliduxing" Air-Ground Collaborative Search Formation of Beijing Institute of Technology

Award-winning project: Beijing Polytechnic University "Teliduxing" air-ground collaborative search formation


Awards: “Leading the No. 2018” Land Unmanned System Challenge Airspace Collaborative Search (C) Group First Place


Award-Winning students: Song Wenjie, Tian Xiaohui, Luo Jianheng, Wang Dongsheng, Zhu Minzhao, Liu Dongyu, Yan Chaoyang, Wang Jianxing, Fan Zhenhui, Wang Weifeng


Award time: September 2018


School: School of Automation


Major: Control Science and Engineering


Instructor: Yang Yi


Project Description: The "Teliduxing" air-ground collaborative search formation of Integrated Navigation and Intelligent Navigation Lab in Beijing Institute of Technology participate in the "Cross-risk 2018" Land Unmanned System Challenge Air-ground Collaborative Search Group Competition. The team consists of 10 graduate students.


It lasted 4 months from the preparation and commissioning before the competition to the formal competition. The competition is divided into two parts contains drones and unmanned vehicles. The drone mainly realizes the global map construction, air path planning, target search and tracking of the participating environment, and the real-time location of the target to the unmanned vehicle. The unmanned vehicle performs global path planning, local environment sensing and planning, re-planning, target recognition and eviction according to the global map and target location constructed by the drone.


Under the joint efforts of all the participating players and the hard guidance of the teachers, the first place in the open space collaborative search group achieved excellent results.


The Group-Leader said: This competition is a practical test of the scientific research knowledge of our graduate students. We have also learned from experience. Through this competition, I learned about the overall architecture of the open space collaboration system, including the hardware and software components. In academic research, we may have achieved very good results. However, in actual use, it is found that the influence of weather, such as wind, light, rain and other factors, has a great influence on the composition of the drone, target search and tracking, and the local environment perception of the unmanned vehicle.