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2019 Commendation Congress for the Winners of the foundation for Distinguished Ph.D. Dissertation

On October 22, the commendation congress for the winners of the foundation for distinguished Ph.D. dissertation of BIT was held in the lecture hall on the first floor of Central Building. The winners of the fund, outstanding doctoral student representatives, first-year doctoral students, undergraduate representatives of Xu Teli School and leaders of the Graduate School attended the conference.


The congress was chaired by Huang Hua, deputy dean of the graduate school. He announced 50 winners of the “2019 BIT Winners of the foundation for Distinguished Ph.D. Dissertation”, and the leaders of the Graduate School awarded honorary certificates to the winners and took a photo with them.



Liu Xiaoming and Huang Sihan, 2019 winners of the found from the School of Mechatronics Engineering, had an experience sharing. They shared their experiences on how to read literature, concise the direction of thesis, conduct academic exchanges, design experimental research and publish academic papers based on their own scientific research experience and achievements. In addition, they also explained the important role of academic exchanges, communication with mentors and expanding international horizons in personal improvement.



Wang Junzheng, on behalf of the Graduate School, first congratulated the 50 doctoral students who had won the fund from the foundation for distinguished Ph.D. dissertation in 2019, and summarized the achievements made since the set up of the foundation in 2016. Through the analysis of the characteristics of our graduate training process and the existing problems, Wang proposed some ambitions and requirements for graduate students. By introducing the reform measures in the course construction, revision of degree awarding standards, expansion of international vision, scientific and technological innovation and various rewards and grants policies of BIT, he  encouraged every graduate student to set up high ambitions and formulate tactics and strategies, learn the basic theory and master the basic professional skills, and improve the comprehensive capacity and innovation ability through listening (report), speaking (communication), reading (literature papers), seeing (exhibition), thinking, writing (paper), doing (practice) and so on. Finally, Wang proposed that postgraduates should obtain rigorous scientific spirit, pursue scientific truth and keep the bottom line of academic norms.


The purpose of the Foundation for Distinguished Ph.D. Dissertation is to stimulate doctoral students' innovative consciousness and their innovative potential, encourage and support doctoral students to carry out innovative research and realize high-level academic achievements, and strive to obtain the society's excellent doctoral dissertation and become an excellent talent after graduation. Since the foundation established in 2016, our school has 125 doctoral students obtained the fund, among which 50% doctoral graduates rewarded with distinguished Ph.D. dissertation, 8 people won national institute outstanding doctorate dissertation. There are 88 people won the national scholarship, among them over 50% accessed to joint training abroad. The foundation has became a drive momentum for the promotion of top-level creative talent training in BIT.